• On the Road to Rebellion - The United Irishmen and Hamburg 1796-1803

Despite countless references to the German city of Hamburg in historical investigations of the United Irishmen, the city's importance for Irish Radicalism has never been singled out for special attention. This book sheds light on the development of Irish affairs in Hamburg in the years 1796-1803.

From 1796 the city served as a crossroads between the Society of United Irishmen in Ireland and the various revolutionary governments in France. As the most important outpost of the Franco-Irish alliance (with the only Society outside the British Isles), it had become synonymous with the United Irishmen's plots by the end of the century.

Moreover, since the United Irishmen's moves were subject to British scrutiny, Hamburg became the focus of British efforts to counteract the radical menace. the north German city enabled the British secret service, like its French counterpart, to have its finger on  the pulse of Irish radicalism. Accordingly, the analysis of the machinery of espionage in Hamburg is one of the major findings of this book and provides a thrilling background for the United Irishmen's activities. 

Although officially neutral, Hamburg represented one of the main scenes in the conflict between the great powers during the coalition wars. Sources in the archives of Dublin, Belfast, London and Hamburg furnish proof of the United Irishmen's activities in Hamburg, showing that they were part and parcel of the development of the United movement in its entirety. 

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On the Road to Rebellion - The United Irishmen and Hamburg 1796-1803

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