I wrote this account of my experiences in the Garda Siochana, not becasue I was hoping to make any money, but because I love to write. The remembrance of these days, happy days most of them, cheered me. It is my earnest hope, that readers will be reminded of their own early times, and also feel happy. If on occasions I seem to be taking myself too seriously, the fault is to be found in the Garda Siochana. For over 30 years I was foreced to show a serious face to the public and thehabit dies slowly. I do not dare claim that my experience was unique, for I was just an ordinary member. Other more illustrious members have recorded their experiences more eloquently than me. I was near the bottom rung of the ladder, where I was in daily touch with the members of the public. This in itself might be of interest to some readers.

I never took any notes of my experiences along the years that I was working. When I lifted the lid off the old black trunk, I sat looking into it for a while, and then the memories came floating back to me as fast as I could scribble them down. Once I had steadied this flow of thoughts, I typed them on A4 paper on computer.

I am very grateful to my daughter Mary who is able to coax the magical computer, to turn my long pages into the refined script that you see. So much for the printing and the binding of the first copy. The printing and the binding of many copies was a work beyond my comprehension, and I am indebted to a great number of people for the great job that has been done.

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The Man on The Town

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