• Magus the Lollipop Man

The Lollipop man was a fat man. He had a large floppy hat and the wide brim cast a shadow on his eyes. He had a very large coat which was more like a cloak. It was twice too big for a man but for the Lollipop Man it was just right. It had foot-and-a-half deep pockets and they were stuffed with lollipops. Magus plunged his hand deep into his pockets and took out a handful of Lollipops. He would plant them in the green lawns before the children were awake. 

Magus is a story in which good triumphs over evil. A story through which imagination blossoms as the lollipops grow in all their magnificent colours. A story of fun and affection 

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Magus the Lollipop Man

  • Publisher: Michael Mullen
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  • €7.99

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