• Blackfort to Bosnia - A memoir by Colum MacDonnell

Taoiseach Albert Reynolds, put his hands behind his back, avoiding my handshake. 'I suppose you've come to attack me here as well as at home?'

'What you have to understand, old boy, is that it's all about the City of London, which is the real money market for the UK' . Governor, Eddie George was obivously enjoying sterling's appreciation....

My last view of the Birmingham mission leader was at Miami airport as he was wheeled away by two cops who would not allow him to board in his inebriated state.....

If you have ever felt the excruciating searing pain casused by a kidney stone blocking some essential conduit south of the bladder, you haven't lived life to the full; the pain worse than that of childbirth according to the Sister in Vincent's. But this was Bogota with no consultant on duty until midday.

The book compiles a wonderful collection of stories and anecdotes from a most full and vibrant career of Castlebar man, Colum MacDonnell.

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Blackfort to Bosnia - A memoir by Colum MacDonnell

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