• The Artist on the Island

The extract below is a wonderful representation of this fantastic book, 'The Artist on the Island - An Achill Journal' which tells the wonderful story of Pete Hogan, who after his ship building exploits and crossing the Atlantic( as documented in The Log of the Molly B), lived on the unihabitated island of Achillbeg. His story is told through both wonderfully descriptive passages and accompnaying art from his own pen.


'I was not in the mood for compromise. I wanted to live on an island and make art. If Paul Gauguin could quit his job as a stockbroker and paint pictures on an island, so could I, but in the west of Ireland.....I would be famous, aloof, celebrated and revered - from an island in the west of Ireland.....Or so I thought....I kept a journal that winter. What follows is based on what I wrote.'

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The Artist on the Island

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