Masonic expressions such as 'True Blue', 'A Pillar of Society', 'The Third Degree', 'On the Level', 'A Square Deal' or 'Squared Away', 'Blackballed' and 'Hoodwinked' are in everyday use.

Most people in Ireland will have heard of Freemasonary and many will think that it is a secret society that uses unusual handshakes, furthers self interest and is capable of international intrigue.

It is associated by many with Protestantism and is thought to be of British origin, a concept vehemently denied by Freemasons. What is the truth?

Freemasonry in Ireland is ignored by historians and rarely discussed. Has is influenced Ireland?

This book is an overview that will be of interest to many from many aspects.

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Freemasonry in Ireland - An Overview

  • Publisher: Capt. Donal Buckley
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