On the eve of the Second World War in Europe, the senior pupils in the National Schools of the republic of Ireland were engaged in an important, if somewhat unusual task. The schools' Scheme of 1937-38, was a collaboration between the folklore Commission and the national Teachers' Organisation, which used the students to gather a huge body of traditional knowledge from folktales and legends, to songs and poems. It extends to lore on work practices of every kind, customs and beliefs, trades and crafts. 

In Ag Bun na Cruaiche, Catriona Hastings navigates us through the masses of material, on themes as diverse as the etymology of local place names, how to plant potatoes, how to read the weather signs, traditional cures, and stories to make you laugh and to frighten you. 

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Ag Bun na Cruaiche Folklore and Folklife from the Foot of Croagh Patrick

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