• When We Were at School: Memories of Kinaffe National School

'What we remember of our schooldays is unique to each of us. For most of us, it was our first experience of the wider world outside our homes: a time of learning, obeying rules and making friends. 1 have always had a special fondness for Kinaffe School. My own memories of my days there are of happy times, with Miss Camphell, a really dedicated teacher, Tom Kavanagh, who was kind to us all, and had a great sense of fun. Also Josie McDonagh, who brightened up our lives with her warmth of personality and the exciting new activities she introduced, such as crochet, flute playing and singing. Us children seemed to always mix well together, and there was never any bullying in the school-yard. Of course, no book about Kinaffe would be complete without a mention of Ms. Joan King. We were truly blessed to have had her as a teacher there for 33 years. She was one of those very rare people who combined a brilliant, personalized type of teaching of each pupil with genuine warmth towards everyone. A truly gifted person, who always made time, too, to listen to any problems parents wished to discuss, no matter how busy she was, and saved us a great deal of expense by always recycling school-books. The aim of this booklet is firstly to mark the 90 years of Kinaffe's existence and also to provide a glimpse of everyday life in our school over the years, from the harsher, more rigid system of education of earlier years, to the infinitely more relaxed, holistic approach of more recent times. For many who describe their schooldays here, Kinaffe was the only formal education they received, yet they were well able to take their place in the world. Although people were poorer, life was a lot more straightforward and it was possible for most to make a good living without much education, unlike the modern age...'

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When We Were at School: Memories of Kinaffe National School

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