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For the first time in four decades the lid is lifted off the extraordinary story of the making of the cinematic extravaganza using never before seen photos and illustrations. It cost countless millions (no final figure has ever been attributed to it), employed the talents of some of the finest actors of the day and ploughed a small fortune into ensuring the authentic replication of every aspect of the 9th century era it depicted. That involved turning a little corner of the West of Ireland into an exact copy of Wessex that prevailed in Albert's time, including the making fo a 200 ft white horse on the hill of Knockma.

It took over one year to complete, had three main locations that encompassed 90 acres each, employed upto 1,500 extras in the two main battle scenes, used the skills of hundreds of UCG students, hundreds of Army personnel and hundreds of local farmers as extras, only eventually to discover that its parts sadly did not exceed the whole.

This is the story told by those who were there.

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Viking Summer - The Filming of 'Alfred The Great' in Galway in 1968

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