The records of the diocese of Killala, Bishop Thomas Mc Donnell has written, are mostly of 'trouble and strife'. It's not the full story but a characteristic of Killala clergy over the centuries was the almost ritual appearance of a definitive 'awardness'. Various theories are advanced to explain a tradition of independence in religious and political thought; the marginal west, isolation, the Atlantic mists, a Celtic Spirit of openness, distance from Rome and, not least, a Gallican strain.

That strain is evident in some of the profiles in this book, more than 50 Killala priests who were jailed, hanged, on the run, suspended, joined the Established Church, and in one instance, excommunicated.

Trouble and Strife, Killala Priests, 1600 - 2000, relates the life - stories of poets and writers, disciplinarians and libertarians, political activists and crown loyalists, dutiful servants and dissenting free spirits, reputed miracle workers and disreputable characters, the pious and the ungodly, the eccentric and the cantankerous, the ambitious and the dictatorial, heroes and villians - a gallery of interesting and unusual individuals emerging from the mists of history over the last four centuries.

In the first of the three volumes of Reading in Killala Diocesan History Brendan Hoban explores the relative independence of the clergy in the west which, despite the best efforts of Cardinal Paul Cullen and others to moderate it, has continued to defy historical explanation.


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Trouble and Strife - Fifty Killala Priests 1600 - 2000

  • Publisher: Fr. Brendan Hoban
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