The year 2014 is a momentous one for the parish of Straide. Two events, in particular, are being commemorated - laying of the foundation stone of Ss Peter and Paul Church in 1914, and the completion and occupancy of the present Ss Peter and Paul National School building in 1964.

During the intervening years since 1914 and 1964, respectively, a great deal has happened in both the Church and School. This publication does not attempt to provide a comprehensive history for either building. Nor does it seek to highlight the most important eras in either institution. That work is left to others for another day.

This publication, rather, strives to serve as a souvenir or a memento which looks back over the past 100 years and pauses to reflect on just some moments of that time span.

Looking back, there is a great deal to be proud of and we salute previous generations who built solid and strong foundations ( in every sense) for the generations who built solid and strong foundations (in every sense) for the generations who would follow in their footsteps. We are today reaping the benefits of the women and men of our parish ( and further afield) who went before us and who made enormous, and often heroic, sacrifices to leave behind a legacy for those who would come after them. To them we owe a great debt of gratitude.

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages, reading the contributions and reminiscing on the photographs.

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Straide National School (1964-2014) & Straide Church (1914-2014).....Moments in Time

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