1918 at the terribly young age of 37 which indeed was a tragic event given that he had so much more to contribute to life.  This year marks the 100 anniversary of his deaths it is fitting that the book is published at this time.  The book looks at his emigration to the United States in 1897, his life as an athlete, as an Olympic champion and as a policeman. It takes a look at the big political connections he and his family had and his role as an avid Nationalist. As an  all round and extremely talented  track and field athlete, Sheridan was unbeatable over a twelve   year span, winning hundreds of athletic contests including nine Olympic medals (five gold, three silver and one bronze) 1 gold in St Louis, 2 gold in Athens and 2 gold in London . He is credited with winning twelve national championships, and more than thirty American, metropolitan and regional championships. In fact, he so impressed the King of Greece at the Athens Olympics that he had a statue of him erected especially in his honour.

There are 11 Chapters in it.  The first chapter looks the family history which is a very interesting one. Another chapter deals with darker side of the Olympic Games that is drugs, racial prejudice, politics, gender sponsorship and advertising.  Other chapters deal with the evolution of the Games from their founding by de Coubertin to their present day status and all this involved; Sheridan as the supreme Olympic champion and as an all-round champion is discussed and a chapter is devoted to his life as a policeman, his death and the years after his death when his memory was honoured in different ways. Nothing in-depth has been documented on Martin Sheridan up to this so I hope this book will give people an insight into his life. I also hope that it may prove useful to future generations when they go looking for information about him and also to anybody who wishes to discover more about this great man.

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Mayo’s Famous Son: 1881-1918 - The Life of Martin Sheridan

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