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Four Generations produced four George Moores. The first built Moore Hall; the last was the famous novelist. George's Moore's ancestors possessed much of the charm, the eccentricity, and the genius of their descendants, and it is no ordinary family whose history Mr. Hone has recorded.

George the first made a fortune in Spain, and came back to Ireland to build in Co. Mayo, the typically 18th century mansion of Moore Hall, which was a centre of the family's life for several generations, and which in 1923, was burned by a gang of Republicans. One of George I's sons was an idiot; the eldest became a rebel in 1798 and was the first man to be declared president of an Irish Republic. George II magnum opus never found a publisher, frequented the Holland House set, and was a friend and correspondent of Maria Edgeworth. Her relations with the family are illustrated here by many letters. George III, his son, after a brilliant youth devoted himself to racing and hunting, had a love affair, ran away to the East, and returned to become a Fenian, an M.P. and the father of a great novelist. 

The childhood education of George IV and his brothers, Maurice, Julian and Augustus, are described; and the whole family history, the quarrels and quaintness of the Moores, their behaviour in times of crisis like the famine of the 'forties, does much to illustrate and explain the many sided work and character of the writer who was, of all the Moores of Moore Hall, at once the most bizarre and brilliant.

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The Moores of Moore Hall

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