• I was There!

Michael Casey invites all children from 8 to 80 or more, to explore their full story, to embark on a cosmic voyage of discovery and delight back to their origins 14 billion years ago. It has been a magical, mesmeric journey for him over the past ten years, and in a sense, it's a journey that never ends.

As he says, 'for me to know my Cosmic Family Tree is to know me' - Enjoy!

'This is a magical book. It takes a poet, scientist and a wise, wise person to distill our 14 billion year story into thirty golden pages. He made us look up to the stars and see ourselves in the universe' - Joe Duffy ( RTE )

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I was There!

  • Publisher: Michael Casey and Olivia Golden
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  • €9.99

Tags: 9780993199004