Symbols are something that represent, suggest or stand for an idea, image or action and are used to convey these beliefs and actions.

Symbols are badges of identification, ownership and authority. Just as a military barracks flies a flag indicating whom it serves and its implied mission, Masonic symbols serve the same purpose. Symbols are intrinsic to Freemasonry from the Compass and Square to the Five Pointed Star, to the Eye of Horus and have deep meaning and purpose. These symbols go back to antiquity and are to be seen worldwide.

Ireland also is saturated with Masonic symbolism. Most people encounter them every day but do not realise what they are seeing. Did you ever wonder why we have a giant spire on our Capital's Main Street?

There are many who know exactly what these symbols are and what their functions are. This book explains some of these symbols and why you should be aware of them. 

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Freemasonry Symbols in Ireland

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