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The greatest compliment to the engineering profession is that so much is taken for granted. New advancements in technology, transportation, water management and telecommunications arise everyday without due notice. Engineering Ireland traces the history of this profession within Ireland, from the earliest attempts of its members at construction to the technological achievements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It provides an overview of the history of engineering in Ireland, education and training, and the establishment and growth of engineering institutions. The many different areas of engineering endeavour are presented providing an insight into the activities of the engineering profession thus enabling the reader to appreciate the significant and invaluable contributions made by Irish engineers over many decades to the quality and advancement of Irish life. The contributions of a number of eminent engineers to this major work represent the diverse, yet unified, nature of engineering activities throughout the island of Ireland

. Engineering Ireland highlights how engineers, past and present, have shaped the country we live in and shows how foundations have been laid for future developments in the exciting and rewarding profession of engineering. Ireland has truly entered the golden age of infrastructure.

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Engineering Ireland

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