• Devil in a Robe

42-year-old Esther works tirelessly in a women's refuge in the Midlands. She and her siblings know all too well what it's like to live with a violent bully and deal with the long-lasting mental health struggles associated with such abuse. This is why she has made it her life's work to support and protect as many women and children as she can. Esther is suddenly faced with the biggest case she's ever encountered at the refuge. New client, Louisa, has a story quite unlike any other. She is married to an influential and powerful authority figure who is also an evil misogynist and abuser. Esther knows she has to tread carefully this time because one wrong foot and Louisa and her daughter could end up dead.

When Esther digs deeper into Louisa's tragic story, she is so fired up she casts aside her professional boundaries and adopts a vigilante approach. 

Can she end the abuse?Can she make him pay? Can she get justice?

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Devil in a Robe

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