• Conversations with Friends

Conversations with Friends is about Frances, Bobbi, Nick and Melissa, four characters who ask eash other endless questions. As their relationships unfold, in person and online, they discuss sex and friendship, art and literature, politics and gender, and, of course, one another. Twenty - one - year - old Frances is at the heart of it all, bringing us this tale of a complex ménage - a - quatre and her affair with Nick, an older married man.

You can read Conversations with Friends as a romantic comedy, or you can read it as a feminist text. You can read it as a book about infidelity, about the pleasures and difficulties of intimacy, or about how our minds think about our bodies. However you chose to read it, it is an unforgettable novel about the possibility of love.

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Conversations with Friends

  • Publisher: Sally Rooney
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  • €13.99

Tags: 9780571334247