• Ballintubber Families Down the Years - A Study of Ballintubber Families based on the 1911 Census

This book has been a number of years in the making. It was a grain of an idea four years ago when the 'Over 55's club' started computer training and Tony O'Connor suggested that they research the census information for Ballintubber as something they would all be interested in. Like an oyster, we took that grain of sand, grew it over time, with plenty of hard work and persistence, and it has become this pearl of a book you read today.

Chris Barnicle and Dora Murphy took charge of the project. They interviewed, questioned, cajoled, telephoned, called in person, coaxed and sweet talked their way around every townland in the parish. Armed with this information, Dora and I went back in the publicly available records, searching for births, marriages and deaths, which would confirm the data we had, and connect households and families. Finally Alison Laredo came on board, and documented the whole project in her unique way. I believe that Alison's contribution has made this publication a world class one, and for this I am very grateful.

If you can remember what your grandfather said, then you can go back may years, my own grandfather was born in 1905; I wish I had listened more intently to what he had to say. This publication is an attempt to write it down, so that it will be remembered. In ancient Ireland, when the majority of the population could neither read or write, the history passed from generation to generation through poems, songs and stories. This oral tradition has died out over the last fifty years, and the practice of visiting and storytelling is almost gone. There is no other way to preserve the past except in a book like this.

We have done our very best to be accurate in what we have printed. History is, however, a fluid thing, and perspective and position will always play a part. We apologise in advance for any errors or omissions, they were not intentional.

Finally, I wish to recognise the remarkable work done by Chris Barnicle and Dora Murphy over the last two years, without them this would have remained a grain of a good idea.

Margaret Geraghty - Editor

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Ballintubber Families Down the Years - A Study of Ballintubber Families based on the 1911 Census

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