This book is dedicated to the fourteen passengers from the parish of Addergoole, Co. Mayo, Ireland who sailed aboard the RMS Titanic in April, 1912 and their descendant relatives in Ireland, America, the United Kingdom and other countries where they have made their homes.

At 2.20am on the morning of the 15th April, 1912, one of the most tragic disasters of Maritime History occured -  THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC, after she hit an iceberg, at 11.40 pm, on her maiden voyage.

It's a story still remembered today, that has touched the lives of so many people in so many places around the world. A story of rich and poor who perished in the cold and deep, memories so poignant of those who survived, far away from home and family.

For many decades the story of the fourteen passengers from Addergoole, eleven of whom perished, was rarely spoken of, being too painful to recall by remembered in the heart of their people.

This book is an opportunity to look back at the tapestry of their lives, the events that shaped them, the journey they undertook, and the traedy that befell them. A time so different from our own and yet in our hearts so similar. A time of past and present; a time to redeem and tell their story.

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The Addergoole Titanic Story

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