• Achonry and Its Churches - From the Sixth Century to the Third Millenium


History IS part of what we are. We all like to remember and recall our stories from the past, the people of our youth, the events in which we shared and the experiences, both sad and happy, which fashioned us, The people of "our" village and "our" street and the neighbours among whom we grew up live in our memories today and for the rest of our lives. It was in our local parish church that our neighbours met every week as a community for Mass and welcomed us as children into that community. Next to home our parish church and local school made us what we are and enabled us to take our place in the world.

I welcome the attractive pictures of our churches, schools and historical scenes from our parishes and trust they will stir up memories of places and people of earlier years,

I am grateful to Fr. Liam Swords, who to-date has written three volumes on the history of our diocese, for scripting the scenes in this colourful book, I believe that people from the diocese, wherever they may be, will treasure these scenes from their youth and share them with their families, For those who have emigrated this book will bring back memories of other days and childhood friends and of older generations who made so many sacrifices to build our churches and schools to hand on to us that faith and learning which gave meaning to our lives and opportunities for employment. As we journey along the road of life we travel with confidence having known the many friends who have gone that way before us and assured that God is with us to guide us to our final destination which is none other than God Himself.


Liam Swords, historian and priest of the diocese of Achonry, has been archivist, and proviseur of the Irish College in Paris, chaplin to the Irish in Paris, and has researched and written the scripts for the Radharc historical series of television documentaries. As well as three volumes of the history of the diocese of Achonry, his books include Soldiers, Scholars, Priests (1985), The Green Cockade (1989) and the edited  The Irish French Connection (1977) and Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter (1997). He is currently working on a fourth volume of the history of the diocese.

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Achonry and Its Churches - From the Sixth Century to the Third Millenium

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