• Achill's Hidden Garden - 'Edible Seaweeds'

Booklet is signed by the author Annette O'Leary

This is one of the best kept secrets, you sow nothing but harvest all year! Just give the shore a little TLC.

This booklet contains information on edible seaweeds, found on the shores of Achill Island and much of the coast around Ireland.

Seaweeds included in the booklet are as follows;

Sleabhcán, Sea Spaghetti, Kelp, Sugar Kelp, Alaria, Sea Lettuce, Sea Grass, Channelled Wrack, Bladder Wrack, Sea Asparagus, Carrageen & Duileasc.

From the author ' My mother's granny Bridget Weir, told her that during the Famine she turned as brown as the 'eye' of the periwinkle from all the food she ate from the shore which was all that was available, it's what kept them alive during the famine.

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Achill's Hidden Garden - 'Edible Seaweeds'

  • Publisher: Annette O'Leary
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