• 1916 - Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition

On 24th April, 1916, Patrick Pearse stepped outside Dublin's occupied General Post Office and read aloud the proclamation of the Irish Republic, declaring a strike for Irish freedom against the world's greatest imperial power. 

The six days of intense fighting that followed set the course for the next 100 years of Irish history. Today, however, the radical vision of the Easter Rising sits awkwardly with an Irish state which has become a haven for big business.

Kieran Allen's fascinating alternative history follows the thread of Ireland's 'revolutionary tradition' - an uneasy marriage of socialism and republicanism- as it has unraveled over a century. From the strikes and land redistribution in the aftermath of the Rising, to the current campaigns against privatizations and austerity, the book reveals the complexities of a revolutionary tradition that continues to haunt the establishment today.    

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1916 - Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition

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